Raktamokshana Treatment of Pancha Karma

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Raktamokshana, which means ‘to let out the blood’ is a bloodletting procedure and effective blood purification therapy that helps in neutralizing the accumulated Pitta in the blood. This ayurvedic treatment is especially effective in treating haemo pathological conditions, skin disorders and skin allergies. It is a localized treatment and usually not more than 10 to 40 ml of blood is removed at a time. There are two main types of Raktamokshana – Shastra Visravana and Anushastra Visravana.

In Shastra Visravana the blood is let out using surgical instruments through multiple incisions (Pracchana) or Venepuncture (Siravyadha). In Anushastra Visravana, the blood is let out through organic instruments such as application of leeches (Jalaukavacharana), sucking the blood through cow’s horn (Shrungavacharana) and extracting of blood using a vegetable called Alabu/ bottle gourd (Alabu).