Meditation is a simple technique of purification of the mind which enables each individual to confront his/her problem and suffering without stress or conflict, to be fully involved in human relationships and the ever-changing nature of life, joyfully and with a balanced state of mind, and to lead a peaceful, productive and socially responsible life.

It is the tool with which the mind becomes cleanse of the gross impurities of greed, attachment, anxiety, fear, selfishness and insecurity. This facilitates the unraveling of the knots of tension and stress and the development of true understanding, wisdom and self-reliance.

Vipassana is an ancient method of meditation developed 2,500 years age by the Buddha and preserved in its pristine purity in Burma Thailand, and Sri Lanka for the past 2,200 years. Suffering, a universal illness of mankind, is no respecter of race, colors or creed and requires a universal cure, applicable to all beings transcending every difference the practice is now taught in different countries to student of all ages, denominations & nationalities It is providing for very large numbers of people a stable and intensely practical foundation for their day to day living.

The basis of the practice of Vipassana is Sila, moral conduct. Sila is strengthened through Samadhi, Concentration of mind. And the purification of the mental processes is achieved through panna the wisdom of insight.